How to Live Through a Bad Day

We all know what it's like to have a bad day–even Jesus. In fact, his worst day even lead up to his death on the cross. Join us for our brand new series, as we examine 7 statements Jesus said on the cross, that still hold power for us today.

So when life gives us its worst, we can still believe, seek, forgive, serve comfort, & surrender.

"Forgive Everyone Who’s Trying to Ruin Your Life" 3.1.20
"See Beyond Your Own Struggles" 3.8.20
“Take Care of Those Near You” 3.15.20
"Aim Your Hard Questions at God" 3.22.20
"Be Human Enough To Acknowledge Your Need" 3.29.20
"Be Assured There is a Purpose and an End" 4.5.20
"How To Live Through a Bad Day" 4.10.20